Third Installment


In order to fully answer the questions are we responsible as a society and are communities something fictional, multiple articles must be read. Moving on to address the first question. Well when we move into a community we tend to give up some kind of independence in order to benefit the whole community. For example in the lecture Rousseau stated, “Individuals form an association based on general will, an individual places himself under the general will, becoming an indivisible part of the whole, contract is only valid as long as the association continues to reflect the general will of the individual members of the group.” Rousseau is stating that people will only help each other if it benefits the whole group. Moving on to the second question. Are community’s fictional or autonomous individuals the fiction? Well in the lecture it states, “Allen describes a system in which individual identity is secondary from the start, and tribal identity is how you know who you are, and is what governs all decisions making.” Allen is trying to say people’s independence comes second when it comes doing things as a community. So in conclusion individuality is fictional. While Allen believed that we weren’t independent and Rousseau believed that we are responsible as a society well their other researchers that agree with their ideas. For example in the article “Society and Individual Responsibility” Bhatla stated, “Because society values its existence as a whole over the existence of individuals. Individuals are valued only so far as how they can contribute to the creation and maintenance of a society, and beyond that, all their individual needs must be satisfied on their own.” Bhatla idea about society being responsible as whole is very similar as Rousseau idea about individuals being responsible as a society. On the other hand in the article “We All Think Were Individual. Here’s Why That’s Not True, And Why The Lie Is Told” Rosemont stated, “But the idea of an individual self is almost certainly a fiction, and has become a pernicious one, and collectivism is not the only alternative to it.” So individuality is created instead being a real thing.


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