Installment Six

maxresdefaultIn order to fully understand the meaning of masculinity multiple articles must be read.First off men in western culture face multiple challenges when it comes to showing their masculinity. Men are so post to play “manly” sports and  act tough. According to the lecture traits that men should show are the following ” aggression, physical strength, power,breadwinner, control/ no emotion, competition, action,  and dominance.” If men do not display this traits then their masculinity starts to be question by society. Which can not happen since masculinity is based on power and dominance.  Such as the film “Full Metal Jacket” the guns are a symbolism of a penis which subconsciously is representing  power. Also in the film Private Pyle was struggling to become a what society calls a “real man”so he decided to kill his sergeant since he was getting verbally attacked by him. In the film the sergeant was obtaining power by putting fear instead of obtaining it by respect. Also in the article “The Prince” Machiavelli stated, “Nevertheless a prince ought to inspire fear in such a way that, if he does not win love, he avoids hatred; because he can endure very well being feared whilst he is not hated, which always be as long as he abstains from the property of his citizens and subjects and from their women.”Which is saying that obtaining power only by fear is wrong but instead it should be obtain by love and some sort of fear. Also their are other researcher that can agree with this ideas about masculinity in the western culture. Such as in the article “Manning up: Men May overcompensate when their masculinity is threatened” Bach stated, “men have long faced pressure to live up to ideals of masculinity.Societal norms dictating that men should be masculine are powerful. And new University of Washington research finds that men who believe they fall short of those ideals might be prompted to reassert their masculinity in small but significant ways.” When their masculinity is question men tend to do things in order to regain power.While Bash talks about the importance of masculinity Farid believes that power should be obtain by respect instead of fear. According to the article “Respect” Farid stated, “Thus, for a peacebuilder, it is important to look at respect from different angles. First is the importance of treating parties to a conflict with civility and honor. Once people are accorded respect, they are more willing to make compromises which are long term and sustainable, rather than those that are made under duress.” So people tend to obey better when they feel respected and appreciated.


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