Installment Eight


In order to fully understand geopolitics and the roles that violence play multiple articles must be read. First off violence and geopolitics goes together. Since in order to have control over an individual within the state their has to be violence and a war going on. Such as in the lecture it states, “Marji’s witness both the revolution and the internal conflict between the secular communists (to which she is connected through her family) and the religious fundamentalists.” This events shaped Marji mind which changes the perception of her country. Changing her perception allows the state to obtain some sort of power over the individual. Also in Iran, coming to age women are expected to get marry. According to the lecture “For young girls, the journey has traditionally been an internal journey, one that ends happily in marriage.”  Which shows that women tend to be seen as someone property instead of having equal rights. Also coming to age tends to different between a women and a man. In the lecture it states, “Men are not supposed to shave their faces while women have to be fully covered, from head to toe, and in one very funny scene in the art.” Which shows how their is gender inequality when it comes to coming of age. After all this ideas are acceptable by multiple researchers. For example in the article”After The Violence” Zeitzoff states,  “Exposure to political violence fundamentally changes behavior and preferences. It makes people more willing to accept risks. Diverse findings from Nepal, Israel, and Burundi all connect exposure to political violence to increases in generosity.” Which shows that war and violence affects people decisions and lets states have some sort of control over individuals.


Zeitzoff, T. (2016, February 01). After The Violence: Three Things We Know About the Effects of War Trauma and What We Can Do About It. Retrieved May 10, 2016, from

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