Fifth Installment


In order to fully understand how how religion plays a major role in peoples decisions multiple article must be read. Religious institutions tend to have the best interest for people when it comes to making a decision but they have stay within their religious beliefs. According to the lecture “In the Catholic tradition, St Antoninus in the 15th century approved of early abortions to save the life of the women. The current and former Popes have asserted just the opposite, that abortions is a sin.” Religious institutions tend to alter their beliefs in order to adapt to the situation. Also in the chapter “More people, Less Earth from Scared Choices” MacGuire states,  “It’s just that foreign aid and national governments do not give them the contraceptive help they need, often due to conservative religious influences on the government.” Which shows how religion tends to become very influential in the decisions that people make. In chapter 2 of “Why people Make Too many Babies” it states, “With our species, the need is met by ethics and by that powerful cultural motivator that we call religion.” So religion plays a major role when it comes on the women’s decision on how much kids they will have. While MacGuire states that religion affects people lives daily basis and oppresses women their are multiple researchers that agree with his theory. Such as in the article “Life Decisions: Articles of Faith” Burrows stated, “The trio also found that among Christians, religious identity is much more influential than the prescriptions of a particular denomination. Catholics, for example, are just as likely to be influenced by religious tenets in choosing where to live or work, as are equally devout black or evangelical Protestants.” Which shows that Burrow believed that religion affected people decisions. While Burrow agreed that religion affected people decisions Ethlia mostly agreed the religion oppresses women. For example, in the article “How religion oppresses women” Ethelia stated, “However, Christianity particularly has its biblical teachings which legitimise male domination. The Old Testament is patriarchal as men were in control.In the Ten Commandments the wife is listed as part of man’s property as portrayed in Exodus 20:17 which states that ‘you shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or his manservant, or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour’s. This commandment clearly states that the wife is a possession and therefore, the man assumes a dominant role and the woman becomes docile proving that religion oppresses her.” Ethel shows how religion tend to oppress women and take a patriarchal model.



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